The History of Cephas Ministries

 Cephas Ministries was founded in 1992 in Denver, Colorado for the purpose of Christian research of aberrant teachings. We welcome each and every one of you. Findings are published for the education primarily of the Body of Christ and those who want to get educated about their organizations.

Our focus is to be a witness to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, described in the Word of God. It states that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God who chose to set us free from hell and damnation. He purchased all of us with His own blood. Eternal life in heaven became a reality through Him for those who repent and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Those who reject His gift will be rejected by Him.

If you have not received him, we invite you to ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth to forgive you for your sinful past by renouncing it and He will receive you by your offer of giving your life to Him from here on forward. He will give you the Holy Spirit to help you understand the truth and He will become the intercessor between you and God. You will become a new person through Him by reading the Word of God as part of your daily routine. The Word will wash you clean.

Our resources Books, DVDs, CDs and Audio Tapes were closed down due to the subject matter. The powers to be work together and when one credit card service stops, the rest follow suit.  With the help of the Holy Spirit overcome the darkness. Download anything you wish and share it with people you know.

Believers who join cults of any kind need to know that Jesus Christ ( His Holy Spirit), cannot fellowship with liars. He is the Spirit of Truth.

We invite members who deem themselves to be born again believers and those who are considering membership in cults, to learn about their history first, much of it is not understood by the majority of the membership. May God bless you with the truth. Thank you for stopping by.

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