Napoleon's Connection to the Holy Roman Empire

This photo came from the book: Guardians of the Grail.. and the men who plan to rule the world! by J.R.Church. Napoleon Bonaparte was a Mason The "golden bees"cover Napoleon's coat (see red circles) and they are an emblem which can be traced through a royal bloodline in Europe still visible on crests and other artifacts in European cathedrals and museums. The bloodline is called the "holy bloodline." Participants are supposedly "sacred lineage" which descended from Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ (invented by men) and their ultimate goal is world government.  The Legend of the Merovian Bees goes as far back as 447 to 458 A.D. beginning with Merovee, king of Franks who was an adherent of the religous cult of Diana. He had a small red cross on his chest. His son, Childeric I practiced witchcraft and his son, Clovis I, adopted Christianity in 496 A.D. During that year, due to his faltering church, Bishop of Rome (the pope) made a pact with Clovis, the grandson of Merovee, to call him the "New Constantine," giving him authority over a "Christianized " Roman empire. (The term "Holy Roman Empire" was not officially used until 962 A.D..)
   Records about Freemasonry are not readily available because the Lodges were secret and information made public usually meant a death penalty. I found these records in a library in Luebeck Germany when I was investigating my family ancestry. Little did I realize then what I would be doing today. I do not have the name of the book this record came from. The page # was 92. In the top of this old photo of Napoleon as a young man and Joachim Murat, King of Neapel displaying the Lodge Bonaparte. Over the name is the same compass and square which is still in effect today.

 This is the only evidence that Napoleon was a Mason. The rest of the writing is not visible on the photo but described as that of Kryptogramms and list the entire familie of Bonaparte and their inner circle called "Hofloge" of the Napoleoniden. The Lithographie. Paris, Archiv des Grand Orient de France Allegorische Darstellung of the Freemason's Doings in France, 1812. Paris, Bibl.nat.

Napoleon was considered the most powerful conquerer in history until Adolf Hitler. He lived from 1769-1821. He promoted liberalism . His second marriage in 1810 was to Marie Louise Habsburg who wore Merovingian Bees all over her robe. She was a descendant of Rudolf I of the Habsburg dynasty who became emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1273.

 Their son, duke of Reichstag, king of Rome, was Napoleon II. The Merovian bloodline claimed to have the spear used to draw the blood and water from Jesus at the crucifixion. It was supposed to have powers. Even Hitler was in pursuit of it during his regime.

Napoleon was responsible for the fall of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806. He abolished the throne in hopes of carrying on the Merovingian bloodline, he wanted to become emperor of the world. Napoleon felt that his success was dependent upon possession of that Spear but the Spear disappeared.

After the assinations of a Habsburg , Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie of the Habsburg dynasty , World War I broke out. Otto von Habsburg tried unsuccessfully to regain the throne in World War II .